Greenpoint provides a total turn-key interior completion encompassing interior design, engineering, program management, manufacturing, certification, installation and post-delivery support. Visibility of your program is available through an experienced, dedicated program manager who oversees it from contract award through delivery.


“Every moment you know where you are, there are no illusions, and you know the next step. Greenpoint plans ahead.”

Dina Tkacheva, Petroff Air, BBJ Completion


In-house Designers work with each customer to create an interior that reflects their individual tastes and mission requirements. The Design team oversees the entire completion process from concept through delivery to ensure the finished interior meets the customer’s expectations for quality and design intent.

To help visualize decor concepts and design elements, digital computer aided drafting (CAD) data is used to build virtual interior renderings. Colors, textures and features are adjusted and fine-tuned in advance of fabrication. Creating 3-dimensional perspectives and spatial “fly-throughs” assess the functionality and livability of the interior layout.


“The design team works with our clients to define an interior that unfolds their personal desires and meets all certification requirements. We approach each project with ingenuity, precision and skill. Each plane is unique; however, the common thread of definitive materials, refined details and timeless design remains Greenpoint’s signature.”

Annika Wicklund, Design Manager

Program Management

A dedicated program manager is assigned to each program. He or she is the client’s focal point for the daily progress of each unique completion. Our experienced program managers oversee: design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, certification, and the integration of parts, materials and services. Programs are tracked through every phase to ensure that the completion occurs on schedule and in accordance with the customer’s requirements.


Greenpoint’s differentiating characteristic is the engineering team’s vast experience and history of innovation. Products such as the 747-8 Aeroloft® and Aerolift™ represent ingenuity based on customer demand. Every program incorporates customer requirements utilizing the latest technologies in communication and security to cabin ergonomics and comfort. The team creates a comprehensive drawing package for a solid completion foundation. In-house Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) facilitate the certification process ensuring all interior requirements are met.


“Our engineering group is a creative, energetic team providing solutions which lower costs throughout the life of your aircraft. Many of our experienced engineers have worked for Boeing or its vendor base providing you a technical depth normally found only through the OEM. Knowing that your project won’t experience a problem we haven’t already solved — we ensure your peace of mind.”

Bruce Kay, Vice President Engineering

Engineering Test Laboratory

The on-site Lab conducts pre-design and certification testing for each program. The Lab is an important capability in the engineering process as it provides immediate feedback to the team in validating design feasibility. The Lab encompasses three separate processes to facilitate the design and certification of the program. The first is rapid prototyping of parts, the second, flammability certification testing, and the third, mechanical certification testing, such as tensile testing.

The following services are available to outside vendors:

    • Slip Resistance Testing
    • Static Testing
    • Flammability Testing
    • EMS Wireless System Test
    • Decompression Testing

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is responsible for overseeing and coordinating with the industry’s leading suppliers. Rigorous quality surveys, supplier audits, and surveillance are conducted regularly to ensure timely, high quality components are on dock when needed.


Customers benefit from interior components and cabinets being built in-house and engineered to be maintenance-friendly, aesthetically beautiful and customized for perfect fit. State-of-the-art technology ensures durable and lightweight fabrication. In-house artisans manufacture, finish and install the interiors to perfection. The combination of excellence, highly skilled craftsmen and an experienced management team provide customers with a quality interior product.



Odyssey Aerospace Components

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The manufacturing facilities employ a highly skilled, experienced workforce focusing on low volume, custom products. Approved FAA Quality Management Systems support the following capabilities; full CNC machining and general manufacturing, corrosion prevention treatments, painting, composite panel routing, tool fabrication, mockup fabrication, final assembly and certification testing.

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In-house certification capabilities enable Greenpoint to act as a focal for all data approvals and submittals to the FAA. With Management, Structures, Electrical, Mechanical, Weight and Flammability Designated Engineering Representatives (DER) on staff, Greenpoint is well positioned to support any program through the FAA process.


“The large Certification department is a mix of FAA appointed DERs, certification professionals and support staff which allow Greenpoint to obtain Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approvals for our interior reconfigurations. Our extensive experience with aircraft alterations, including integration of multiple modifications, help assure safe, timely approvals.”

Greg Cummings, Chief Certification Engineer


Greenpoint’s FAA Part 145 installation facilities provide comprehensive support for turnkey completions.


“During the completion, our team is evaluated on how well we execute to plan and react to challenges that arise. Our successful on-time and early deliveries are made possible by the teams we assemble and our ability to swiftly remove obstacles.”

Stephen Zurel, Installation Site Manager

Post Delivery Support

Customer focus continues after completion. Post Delivery focals consist of experienced professionals who are available to investigate and assist with recommendations for spare parts, coordinate and oversee service bulletin incorporation, and assist with warranty issues.


“Greenpoint is the only completion center to deliver a program to us on-time in 15 years.”

Confidential Client


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